Mystery Vacations is a side-project, where my friend and I plan vacations for people and don’t tell them anything about it until they leave.

Featsheet was a startup, I co-founded based on an idea we came up with in college. It was focused on helping people answer the question “What do you want to do?” including date ideas, new hobbies, chorse and more. We created an sorting algorithm that suggested activites based on the by the users’ input such as energy level, cost, time, and other factors! It was designed and coded by my co-founder and I over the course of eight months. 

Featsheet Homepage - Alpha

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An early version of the featsheet homepage.

A website I created in 2007 for Dr. Marianne Longacre D.O.’s practice in Charlestown, RI. It has since been replaced with a new version.


JS Window

A small JS prototype project I put together back in 2007 to create a floating div which functions similar to an OS window. Created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has the ability to be dragged around the screen via a caption bar, resized and includes a status bar with close, maximize, minimize functions. 



My first real website mainly used for collecting funny quotes, flash animations and videos so I could share them to my friends.  Originally build on a CMS I coded from scratch called FoolCMS I later realized I was spending more time fixing bugs than I was adding any content and switched over to WordPress.