Featsheet helps you pinpoint an activity that you want to do. Find date ideas, new hobbies, and other feats by cost, time of day, and more! Idea concieved, designed and developed by my and my partner.

A website I created for Dr. Marianne Longacre D.O.’s practice located in Charlestown, RI. It has since been taken down.


JS Window

A small prototype project I worked on to create a floating div which functions like a OS window. The window created using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has the ability to be dragged around the screen via a caption bar, is resizable and includes a status bar with close, maximize, minimize functions.


4002-536 Web Client-Side Programming

This class focused on web programming for the client-side using javascript, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), XML, AJAX and scalable vector graphic (SVG). Project one was a dynamic selection system using javascript and DHTML. Project two was creating a site with SVG using the Adobe SVG viewer plugin. Project three was creating a widget for the Yahoo! widget engine using XML and javascript.

4002-539 Programming for the WWW

This class focused on web programming for the server-side using PHP, PERL, and mysql. Project one was creating an online polling system that used text files to store the poll information. Project two was a continuation of project one and the poll was modified to use a mysql database instead of text files. Project two also introduced a user login system and an administration system for the polls as well as adding an RSS feed reader and SOAP services. The final project built upon project two to create a web portal system that included an updatable blog system and implemented user access levels.

4002-535 Network Based Multimedia

This class focused on digital video creation and network video streaming. Project one (.PPT) was a group project consisting of a paper and presentation that looked indepth at the QuickTime streaming server. Project two was testing various compression technologies using high and low motion videos as well as high and low fidelity audio. Project three was a class project that involved setting up and streaming a live event at RIT.

4002-409 Web Design and Implementation

This class featured also more advanced web design concepts including cascading style sheets (CSS), usability, accessibility, information design, DHTML and graphic design. Project one was designing a site using CSS about a place where I lived. The final project involved refining the midterm project using CSS positioning and including external scripts. This class also had a group project (.PDF) that consisted of creating a design document for and later building a mock website for RIT’s Social Computing Lab using movable type. The site that was created for the group project is unfortunately no longer available.

4002-330 Interactive Digital Media

This class used Macromedia Director to develop shockwave applications. Project one was to create a greeting card. Project two was creating a shockwave video player. Project three was creating a shockwave game.